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Beware Of Friends – See What Guy Did To His Friend’s Wife While She Was Taking Her Bath



Your greatest enemy is likely to be the your friend or rather your closest friend because those are the kind of people that the Bible referred to as “Wolf in a sheep clothing”. A viral video online explains why we shouldn’t leave our male friends alone with our female relatives to avoid stories that really touches the heart.

in a viral video below, a man caught his friend filming his wife/girlfriend as she was taking her bath, he kept the phone on the floor and his it inside a box but he his clever plan wasn’t so clever enough, his devious plan was unveiled. The culprit is the guy putting on black singlet, when he was called he denied that it wasn’t his phone but later agreed that it was his.

The man who was betrayed surprised most people as what he did to handle the situation is hard to believe. See what he did and how everything happened in the video below.

After this video came on Instagram, on pages of many Instagram bloggers like gossipmillnaija, Tunde Ednut and so on, many Instagram users and personality has reacted on this video. See some screenshots