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Things that slow progress in life



Everyone wants to make progress in life. Every day, the dream of an individual is to make progress and move a step better than yesterday.

But there are some attitudes that can hinder progress for a person:

  • Setting your gaze too high

This is one act most a person can do and never think of its after effect. This means planning something bigger than oneself and that might take a very long time to achieve and possibly slows progress because you want to start big once! In life, it is best to start small, before achieve a big dream. You should not despise little beginnings

  • Giving up before result

It is never a good thing to give up, no matter the challenges we are going through. Some of us have what we have planned for and we give up before the outcome because it seems to take a lot of time and energy! We must learn to be determined and wait for till the end for a positive result

  • Negative habits/addictions

There are negative/indulgent habits that can slow down a man’s progress in life. These acts eventually destroy a person. It is best to avoid them.

  • Viewing mistakes as failure

When we view our mistake as a failure, it certainly brings us down and it never gives us the courage to be determined again. So never see your mistakes as failure, instead it should bothersome you to strive harder.

  • Procrastination
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Have you ever said you will do something and you never do it? Promising it next time, next time!! That is procrastination. It is a very dangerous habit and slows one’s advancement. When you plan to do something, take steps