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Pastor Ize-Iyamu Congratulates New Speaker Of Edo House Of Assembly (Photos)



I am happy to receive the news of the emergence of Rt. Hon. Victor Edoror as the Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly.

His emergence marks an end to a lopsided & deformed democracy, ushering in a new and reformed era of inclusive governance and non-discriminatory politics.

Rt. Hon. Victor Edoror’s emergence is also a victory for the people of Edo State, for the constituencies previously sidelined, and for the House-members’ elect who had been unfairly denied their elective right to represent their constituencies in government..

Personally, as someone who has known Rt. Hon. Victor Edoror for a long time, I am convinced by the great personality he is; I am sure that this joy sweeping across Edo as the shackles of tyranny breaks today, will not be temporary.

As a true democrat & a progressive, and as someone who came to leadership through & after a tomentous & elongated period of political persecution, Rt. Hon. Victor Edoror knows the sour taste of injustice & as such would not let any one more Edo person experience such bitter tang.

Backed by an overwhelming majority, Rt. Hon. Victor Edoror is demonstrably the people’s choice for the position. And it is in line with common sense that for an individual to sway such massive support, he must have demonstrated great qualities admired & necessary for leadership/and development, and as such is being trusted with the enormous task of piloting the House from its darkest moments as cast into by the reprehensible divide-and-rule politics of the outgoing Governor.

I send my congratulations to Rt. Hon. Victor Edoror – and his Deputy, Hon. Emmanuel Agbaje – while at the same time encouraging him to set a good example with the opportunity of leadership God has given to him today.

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