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“One thing that scares me about marriage is knowing what to cook” – Nigerian lady



A Nigerian lady, Damilola Coker has opened up to social media users over an aspect of marriage which scares her up till this day.

According to Damilola, one of the things that scare her about marriage, is the nonavailability of a variety of foods to cook for her husband during the duration of their union..

Expressing worry, she wondered what she and her would-be husband would resort to eating, one week into the marriage as they would have possibly ran through different classes of food within the first week.

Damilola wrote; “One of the things that scares me about marriage is knowing what to cook/eat. One week into the marriage and we’ve eaten rice, spaghetti, yam, bread, swallow, noodles, beans… What are we going to eat next week now?”

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