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“I don’t love you anymore but I’ll marry you because you trained me in school” – Lady tells boyfriend (Screenshots)



A lady identified as Sarah has thrown her boyfriend into a depressive state following the revelation that she no longer loves him and cannot pretend she does anymore.

Leaked screenshots of a conversation she had with her boyfriend showed the two of them chatting in a follow-up conversation to one they earlier had, where the man asked his girl if she was serious about what she told him.

Sarah answered in the affirmative while revealing that the only reason why she’d marry him is because he sponsored her education, even though there’s no love for him in her heart anymore.

The relationship which had been on for five years was having hiccups because Sarah claims to have fallen in love with another man, but she said that out of gratitude, she would not mind marrying the boyfriend she no longer loves.

Read their conversation in full below,