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How God Saved Me From Yesterday’s Helicopter Crash – Kemi Olunloyo



Nigerian investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has revealed how she narrowly escaped being a victim of the helicopter crash in Opebi yesterday, 28th August 2020.

According to her she resides in the area and usually walks to her dentist, but decided to stay home on the day the incident happened..

She took to Twitter to recount how God saved her from being a victim of the helicopter crash.

She tweeted,

“I lived in Opebi, Ikeja for 8 mos when I moved to Lagos 2019. I often walked to my dentist at Salvation, Spar & Diva cakes. LASG Helicopters hovered in the sky as I sat by the pool. Today I heard a chopper CRASHED next to my house. God has really fought for and protected me 2020.

Sadly I heard that 3 people died 😢in that crash and people on the ground were untouched. Ironically my artist took me to the foot surgeon today and was heading to mainland. I wanted to visit my dentist for a cleaning but decided to stay back as he was running late for his appt😲”