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Father of patient beats and stabs doctor for “wasting” his child’s blood



A Medical Doctor identified as Drlotenna on Twitter, has taken to the platform to recount the story of a female doctor, that was beaten and stabbed by a patients father on the claim that she was wasting his child’s blood..

Drlotenna narrated the ordeal, as he discussed the “hazards” medical doctors are exposed to.

He wrote;

“The kind of hazards Drs are exposed to is staggering! In Nigeria, added to the well known hazards, we have assault from patient relatives added! A female Dr was slapped & stabbed with a syringe (of unknown origin & use) in our Children Emergency by a patient’s father. For what?

“The young Registrar on call took a blood sample from the man’s child and asked him to take it to the lab. The lab scientists (as they sometimes do) said the sample was inadequate. The man returned angry. “Where is that Dr that is wasting my child’s blood?” Gbas gbas gbos.

“The hospital needs to have a policy on assault on doctors. These things keep repeating! A dr once had to have CT scan done 2 rule out head injury after being assaulted by patient’s relatives. Drs have to feel safe in their work environment! It is unacceptable that we don’t!”. He added.

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