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It is not a curse to be the last born – Young Emmanuella says as she sets her own rules about doing house chores (Photo)



In many African households, last borns are known to do most of the house chores, but a young girl who is the last born of their home called Emmanuella Jones has decided to set rules and regulations for her family on the chores she would be doing around the house.

Her elder sister called Mirabelle got Nigerians talking after she shared a copy of her parent’s last born’s rules in the house on the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter..

Mirabelle jokingly stated that Emmanuella was crossing the line with her written rules and regulations.

In the photo of the rule paper she shared online, Emmanuella said that she will not be washing plates used by everyone except that of herself and their parents.

The young girl also noted that she will not wash pots used to cook personal meals except when it’s their parents.

According to her, she will not sweep the sitting room because it is not her job.

While she agrees to switch on the generator every night, she stated that under no circumstances must be asked to switch it off especially when she is asleep.

She noted that her chores are becoming too much and it isn’t a curse to be a lastborn.

Emmanuella went on to challenge her elder ones about not doing any chores in the house, but they burden her with theirs.

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