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I was made to believe that being gay is a sin — Pastor turned LGBGQ activist Yomi



A Nigerian pastor turned LGBGQ activist, Dan Yomi has revealed how he was made to believe that being gay is a sin.

Yomi recounted his experience as he celebrated his partner’s birthday shortly after coming out of the closet..

In his post, Yomi urged queer youths to embrace being gay because they did not create themselves so they should love and accept the way they are.

He wrote;

”It’s been 29 years of highs, lows,learning and most importantly growth. To think 9 years ago i was in a really dark place in my life, praying for God to deliver me of homosexuality because i was made to believe my very being as unnatural and a sin. I prayed, fasted and even attempted to take my own life when i released nothing had changed. Thank God, i’m no longer that person but the reality is, there are millions of LGBTIQ+ persons in church/ religious institutions who are very afraid to live authentically and do not have the kind of privilege that i now have.

I receive messages from young queer people across the world (including those from my former church and Alma mater) these are individuals who are struggling with their identity and have no one to talk to about it. Those who have made the mistake of opening up have been subjected to conversion therapy. Sharing my story has not been easy but at this stage of my life, It’s extremely important continue to share my truth.. because for 20-50 deaths i receive, there’s always one or two queer person who’s lived experience is validated by my visibility.

These people keeps me going. So, to every single person like me wherever you are or however you identify, please know that you’re loved and there nothing wrong with you. You didn’t create yourself and the earlier you love and accept yourself, the better. Thank you all so very much for the sweet messages.. the DMs, the IG stories, the twitter posts, what-app messages, Facebook posts and phone calls.. I see them and i appreciate.”

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