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“Hushpuppi, You Are A Good Man, God Will Help You” – Social Media User Blasts People Mocking Hushpuppi




A social media user has sympathized with Alleged Fraudster, Hushpuppi, over his arrest, trial and the likelihood that he’d be sentenced to 20 years in Jail.
According to the @kingsukkynas, the alleged fraudster is a good man, and he can never go broke even when he comes out because he has properties..

His comment reads:-
Hushpuppi you are good man. God will help you. And mind u all you people abusing him he can never go broke even when he comes out he has properties. Stop mockn him. Mock him if you are holy.

The money your father is using to pay ur Bill’s you dont know how he got it. Even if it’s small he might be doing some runz in the office. Nobody holy pass. Na person way morin catch. God bless us