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Video Of A Chief Causing Confusion Among Community Members With His ‘Higi-Haga’ English



A Chief in Kula kingdom in Rivers state has caused confusion among community members with English while speaking on some challenges faced.

As the video of the Chief addressing the people while speaking and “blowing grammar” in English language goes viral, Nigerians started calling on interpreters to help break down the message he is trying to pass across.

The Chief’s comment reads;

*Before I go on, let me postulate from the Franz Fanonian dictum which stipulates that “the dialectics of reconciling two conflicting ideas is the algebra of revolution”.

The overbearing intervention of the state government has further exacerbated opprobrium and amounting to sadomachosisms, acrimony, and chaos in our community.* *It was a contumelious stratagem by political jobbers to syphon monies…

We suffer what we call “political activia neonatorum”.* *Conclusively, we are a microcosm of the issues in the Niger Delta at the macrocosm.* *Today we as a people are stating, “vox populi, vox dei”*

Watch the Video below….