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Save Yoruba from the hands of Fulani govt’ – Pastor Giwa begs Gani Adams



The Senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa, has called on the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Gani Adams to wake up and save the region from the hands of Fulani.

Giwa, while addressing his members in Akure on Sunday, said Adams should not wait for permission from anyone before he takes the lead..

The pastor also charged Aare Ona Kakanfo to use his office to ensure that the region stands on its own before 2023 elections.

In a statement he signed and sent to , Giwa said: “I’m sure Otunba Gani Adams is aware that these people have thrown 2014 National Conference, CONFAB into the dustbin.

“The sum of over N9 billion was injected into the report while the APC government deliberately ignored it.

“Up till now, I don’t think President Buhari has read the report, that is the country we have found ourselves in.

“They promised us stable electricity, jobs and security, but our people are being killed on a daily basis while millions of them go to bed hungry.

“I hope Hon. Gani Adams is also aware that Fulani herdsmen have taken over the nooks and crannies of Yorubaland, thereby chasing our farmers from their farms, raping our children and also murdering them.

“God used Ehud to deliver the people of Israel from the hands of Eglon, king of Moab.

“Eglon kept Israel in a subservient position, forcing them to pay tribute to the ruling power for 18 years just like what Nigerians are currently passing through.

“After Ehud killed the king, and the Israelites battled the Moabites, they experienced 80 years of peace. No one could’ve guessed a single person could’ve changed the history of the Israelite nation in a single day.

“To add to this, Ehud came from the smallest tribe of Israel: the tribe of Benjamin. This also adds to the unlikelihood of this judge taking on the king of a powerful warrior country. But God still moves through him.

“If Gani Adams is ready, God can use him to turn Yoruba region around. Otunba should know that the position he is occupying today, if he fails to take the lead, God might use someone else.

“October 1 this year will make it 60 years that we have been experiencing bad leadership in Nigeria. It will be 60 years of oppression in the hands of Nigerian Moabites.

“Our people have suffered in the hands of Fulani cultists led by president Muhammadu Buhari in the last five years.

“Prayer without action is just noise. How can you sit down and expect manna to fall from heaven? Our body language is now calling for separation. People are already tired of Fulani government.

“You might say how can a pastor be calling for separation? Read your Bible very well, everything you need to know is there.”

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