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Peace Mass Transit resumes, with only 50% carriage at no extra cost to commuters



Peace Mass Transit (PMT) Limited, is gearing up for resumption of operations on July 1st, 2020, following the relaxation of interstate lockdown announced by the Federal Government on Monday.

The company was the first to suspend operations early March at the escalation of the Covid-19 pandemic across the globe, and consequent devastation of lives and businesses..

The PMT management,in making the decision to resume, has also mandated its staff across the nation to adhere to, and indeed, strictly enforce recommended international/national protocol on control of COVID-19, including handwashing with soap and water at entry points, social distancing, use of face masks for the entire duration of journeys by drivers and passengers alike, and use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

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Instructively, all PMT passenger vehicles are to carry only 50% of normal capacity, and at no extra cost to the passenger, according to the management reopening manual for staff.
The management of the company has also provided infrared thermometers for screening of passengers and staff and equipment for constant decontamination of depots and vehicles at points of departure and arrival.

PMT chairman, Evangelist Sam Maduka Onyishi, reiterated to staff that resumption of critical services to kickstart the economy of families and the nation was more expedient than any immediate consideration for personal profit.

” The cost of extra measures we have instituted and loss of revenues that would come with reduction in carrying capacity, are significant, but I consider them part of the continuing sacrifice we make for the public good, well being and overall safety of compatriots”, he said.

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” We have always maintained that PMT has never been just about being a business; it is my own ministry through which I touch lives..”

The company urges the travelling public to show understanding, corporate to enforce seamless enforcement, and generally see the new protocol as desirable and in everybody’s best interest.

God bless Nigeria.

PMT Ltd.

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