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Old Man Sexually Molest Girl in a Public Transport On Her Way From Abuja to Akure (Video)



A video has surfaced of a lady being sexually molesting in a bus going from Abuja to Akure in Ondo state.

The video which was posted online by a Twitter user who claimed to be the victim’s brother was said to have been recorded after she called people’s attention to the incident but no one paid her heed.

According to the Twitter user, whose username is @DanielFaithArts, the victim who was traveling from Abuja to Akure was sexually molested in the bus by an elderly man. When she screamed and told her fellow travelers what was happening, her claims were dismissed and she was told that she was overeating. Hence her decision to make the video as proof.

Watch video below

The tweet continued that at some point during the molestation which continued throughout the journey, the lady called the attention of a soldier whom she met on the road, however, the soldier even after he had watched the video ordered her to keep quiet or risk being detained. This she said happened after the elderly man spoke to the soldier in Hausa language.

Recall that there has been a recent upheaval due to the high spate of sexually related crimes against women. This was heightened after a 22 year old UNIBEN undergraduate was brutally raped and murdered by an unknown assailant.

It is heartbreaking that our sisters, daughters and friends have to endure this type of inhumane treatment from fellow humans. We owe it to ourselves, each and everyone of us to seek to end such mistreatment of females, including rape. Because it may be an unknown female today, but it may be your mother, sister, daughter or wife tomorrow. Take action now.

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