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“I Caught A Co-Teacher Eating From A Pupil’s Lunchbox”



A teacher’s experience with a co-teacher. Share yours.

Yes, I know we teachers should be weary, yes I know we should be ripping our inner garments for the gory nature of the economicsphere but it shouldn’t stop us from putting on that big smile sometimes and yet illuminating our life.
Was there a time you taught in a school? Share some of your OMG moments.

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Here’s mine: I remember a day I caught a co-teacher eating from a pupil’s lunchbox. I was like a deer caught on headlamps. She was dumbfounded and at the same time beseeching me already through her eyes (I could read that).
Here was a teacher I really didn’t like because of her numerous flirtatious stories even retold and used as a singsong by students to their peers for listening pleasure. Second reason I didn’t fancy her presence was an experience I witnessed between she and another co-staff which I wouldn’t want to retell.
I was the Dean of Studies and also not sb who dances to the date-me-flirt tunes of co-workers so she felt she was done and dusted. How did I handle the matter?
I could never justify her actions but rather than reporting and she losing her job, I decided to ponder over what to do so I wouldn’t let my bias preside over matters. I could have just queried and boom! she’s gone..but I thought about thinking it over.
During this period I was still thinking it over, she came with the stereotypical ‘woman-power’ seductive approach to ensnare me for a fling or whatever the plans were (probably to shut my mouth).
Once she noticed I weren’t a sort who shrunk bank from my principles and beliefs, she apologized and I had her document and sign never to repeat such.
Yeah, as for the food part, we entered into a contract where she signed. I also warned her against it as it was very bad.
I know it really didn’t make a difference but I really didn’t want it seem overlooked. Well, she was queried still and punishments given after she still went behind doors eating a well-garnished poisoned food by a parent. Craizily, the parent must have noticed.
Good for her the poison was not to kill but for unstoppable farting, vomiting and stooling.
What a world!

It was a very funny yet serious experience. Hanty couldn’t stop farting, pooing and vomiting. Share your experiences too please, be it a student gist or a teacher palaver.

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