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Dr Anu blamed for another botched surgery



Despite having several botched cases on her trail, plastic surgery menace Dr. Anu continues to perform surgeries and her latest victim is speaking out from her hospital bed.

According to the latest victim, she had complications after she went to notorious-for-performing-botched-surgeries Dr. Anu for liposuction. Dr. Anu’s qualifications have been questioned so many times, yet, there’s no clarification as to how qualified she is to cut people’s body up. Why do people take such a risk?

Although, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) sealed her hospital sometimes in April on suspicion of illegal activities, it seems she has resumed normal activities. She was even bold enough to announce a liposuction giveaway on her Instagram page some days ago.

Dr Anu is famous for performing the botched surgery that led to the death of a beauty queen and while social media users question the clients that still chose her despite the negative publicity she gets, can’t something be done to stop her? Or must an ‘I’ be missing in her NYSC certificate before she becomes a bigger problem.

Here are some reactions to Dr Anu’s latest victim