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Unbelievable! Footballer Found Alive Four Years After He Was Reported Dead



A footballer who had been reported dead some four years ago has been found alive, stunning everyone.

Former Schalke youth player Hiannick Kamba, 33, was reported to have been killed in a car crash on a trip to his home country in 2016. His club mourned and paid tribute to him.

However, in a new development, as reported by BILD, the footballer has been found alive in the city of Gelsenkirchen, near Dortmund, in western Germany.

Kamba’s ex-wife is now being investigated for fraud after she is reported to have cashed in on a six-figure life insurance payment after her husband’s ‘death’.

Also, Kamba is set to be a witness in the investigation, claiming he was unaware of his wife’s actions.

It is said he was abandoned in Congo with no documents and filled an application to return to Germany two years ago, where he has since returned to his old job as a chemical technician for an energy company.

Prosecutor Anette Milk said he was robbed, in his words: “The accused is accused of fraud, but she denies the fact. The proceedings are still ongoing. [Kamba] stated that his companions had left him during the night while on a trip to the interior of the Congo in January 2016 and they took his papers, money, and telephone.”

Kamba’s family was deported from Germany in 2005 after originally fleeing Congo 19 years earlier. However, Kamba was allowed to remain in Germany due to his status as a youth player at Schalke and was granted asylum and residency rights.

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