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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome questions search for coronavirus vaccine (Video)



The founder of LoveWorld Incorporated, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has expressed his reservations about the search for a COVID-19 vaccine across the globe.

Oyakhilome, addressing his congregation in a telecast, wondered why there was already talk of a vaccine, when scientists claimed to be studying the virus.

“What they are using to test, do you know what it is? Do you know why it can show positive and negative? Do you know? A virus they told us they are still studying, why don’t they study it first?

“They are still studying it and they already have a vaccine that could be ready in July for a virus they are still studying,” the cleric said.

Oyakhilome stirred up controversy last month when he claimed that the introduction of 5G technology was responsible for the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

He later backtracked and said he was not opposed to the 5G technology, but only concerned about its perceived health risks.

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