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“My Wife Is Angry With Me Because I Bought Underwears For Her Niece



Good evening all

Pls is it wrong for me to buy my wife niece under wears?

I have 3 children 2 girls ages 11, 7 and boy 4 , my wife niece is also living with us. She is 15. I buy my children clothes including their under-wears without my wife complaining I was the one that bought my first daughter her first bras too.

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When my wife niece came staying with us it was 2018, I noticed most her clothes were native and worn out. I have given her the money to buy new clothes for the child but she never did. For 2 years now this girl has grown so much and still wearing the same clothes and I really feel ashamed every Sunday when we are going to church. Our kids are looking very cute and this girl is looking unkempt all the time. I have talked to my wife but she doesn’t seem to care about her.

I took all kids out for clothes shopping just before this pandemic and I bought clothes including under wears for all kids but my wife wasn’t happy because I bought bras and under wears for her niece. She said the clothes are fine but I have no right to buy under wears for her. She accused me of sleeping with her niece which is not true. I only did it because this girl was in need of clothes just imagine for 2 years no clothes while she keeps changing our kids wardrobes like every 4-6 months.

I have no intention of sleeping with her niece neither am I sleeping with her. I take her as our first born and am like her father. If I want to cheat on my wife, there are plenty women around me, no way I will stoop so low to sleep with her niece.

I have daughters, sisters and nieces, what I don’t want to happen to my kids then I wouldn’t do it to another person’s child. My act was innocent but my wife is angry.

Please be honest with me, was my decision wrong?

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