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“It’s Time To Ban Pregnancy” – Feminist Titania McGrath Says



According to Feminist Titania McGrath, Pregnancy needs to be banned because it is a form of torture imposed by the male who are slave masters.

Activist and feminist Titania McGrath, has taken to social media to call for a ban on pregnancy, stating that there is nothing natural about reproduction.

Taking to her Twitter page, Titania McGrath claimed that centuries of patriarchal tyranny led to the believe that it is traditional for women to give birth.

See What She Wrote Below;

“Centuries of patriarchal tyranny have normalised the tradition of women giving birth.

There is nothing natural about reproduction. It is a form of torture imposed on women by their male slave masters.

It’s time to ban pregnancy.”

See some reactions to her statement below;

@BroodingHamlet: Women derive no joy whatsoever from motherhood , it’s not the most transcendent, fulfilling, magical thing possible. Women would be much happier working 70 hours a week in drain management, thereby narrowing the gender earnings gap.

@KasNt_MINE: I imposed torture on my wife two years ago, yesterday we had a talk and decided to start imposing torture for a second time.

@ConceptualMinge: The only downside of this brilliant proposal is that women would no longer be able to experience the liberating joy of an #abortion procedure. Which is a shame because there really aren’t any other ways they can exercise bodily autonomy.

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