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Google AdSense Ad Balance Tool Going Away On June 10th



Google announced it is retiring the Ad Balance slider tool from Google AdSense. This tool that launched in January 2017 is going away on June 10, 2020. Google said “based on feedback from our publishers, we’ve decided to retire the ad balance feature. Going forward, we’ll focus on developing our suite of blocking controls instead.”

Google explained “Ad balance controls help you reduce the number of ads you show to users, specifically the ads that earn you the least revenue, and see how it affects your earnings. Typically, the bulk of your revenue comes from a relatively small portion of your ad impressions. By only showing the ads that make you the most money, you can improve the overall visitor experience on your site for a minimal drop in your earnings.”

Google said this in a mail sent to. Its users :

Thank you for using ad balance. Based on the feedback from our publishers, we’ve decided to retire the ad balance feature.

What does this mean?
We’re removing ad balance from your AdSense account on 10/06/2020. You do not need to take any action at this time.

Ad serving
When we turn off ad balance, more ads will start showing on your sites as the ads which were excluded with ad balance will then be allowed. This will be the equivalent of setting your ad balance fill rate to 100%. If you currently have set a fill rate of lower than 100%, you will now start to see more ads on your site(s).

Your earnings
This change is expected to have a neutral or positive effect on your earnings. You may see a change to your overall RPM and impressions too.

Ad balance experiments
We’ll also remove the ad balance experiment option, including all completed and in-progress ad balance experiments, on 10/06/2020. You can download your data from previous experiments until then.

What to do next?
You still have many controls over how ads appear on your site(s). We encourage you to try out:
• Blocking controls
• Ad review center
• The ad load feature in Auto Ads
We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to develop our products.

The Google AdSense Team

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