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Christ Embassy Allegedly Gets Internet Company Installing Fibre Cables Arrested After Accusing Them Of Installing 5G



A man has called Christ Embassy out for getting a staff of an internet company who was installing fibre cables arrested after he was accused of installing 5G.

A business consultant has accused a branch of the Christ Embassy Church of effecting the arrest of staff of an internet company while they were fixing fibre cables in the neighborhood.

Orok Unoh, said the internet service providers were running fibre cables to his house on Wednesday, May 13, when the Christ Embassy Church in the area accused them of “installing 5G” and got police to arrest them.

Unoh wrote: “So an Internet provider was running fiber cables to my house yesterday. The Christ Embassy Church along the pathway got them arrested on the grounds that they believed were installing 5G.

“Pastors must really be careful with how they misinform their flock.

“Religion and stupidity make for a terrible cocktail.”

The founder of Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has been quite vocal in condemning the installation of 5G and warning of the dangers.

Below are reactions to Unoh’s allegation, including a reaction from Daddy Freeze.

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