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My Wife’s Sister Wants Me To Sleep With Her



A Nigerian man has found himself in serious dilemma with his wife’s younger sister.

He took to Nairaland forum and wrote:

Hi everyone, hope y’all safe. I am going to hit the road straight up.

My wife’s sister, 24, visited us two days before the lockdown in Lagos and was hoping to travel in the next three days. Unfortunately for her, the lock down thwarted her plan.

Now, my wife, together with our 3 year old boy, always leaves the house during the day to go gossip with her friends, living only her sister and me at home.

The problem is, my wife’s sister has been looking at me somehow, like she wants me to have sex with her. The other day she saw me and was smiling like I gifted her some money, like a fish. Yesterday, she wore a blouse that left her n.pples dangling back and forth as she walked around the house.

Guys please, I am in a dilemma. And, good god, the girl is finer and hotter than her sister, the gossip.

What do you want me to do?

No insult please.

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