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Coronavirus: Footballers can survive one year without pay – Tevez



Former Manchester United and Manchester City striker, Carlos Tevez, has insisted that footballers can survive one year without pay amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Tevez, who currently plays for Boca Juniors, has encouraged other players to volunteer and help those in need.

Argentina has been in lockdown since March 20, in a bid to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“Any footballer can live six months or a year without getting paid. We are not good examples, we might be for other things but not for this.

“We don’t have the despair that others live with day after day, those that have to leave their homes at 6am, and return at 7 in the afternoon to feed their families the next day,” he told America TV.

Meanwhile, there are discussions among Superliga clubs, to slash the wages of players and staff, to cope with the financial impact of the pandemic.

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