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“She Is A Thief & Greedy: My One-Month Marriage About To Crash”



Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

I just had a traditional wedding earlier this month. I’m not based in Nigeria. I provided all the finances for the wedding before I arrived Lagos. Everything listed to be bought for the wedding I provided all. To my surprise wedding that was suppose to take place in a hall had to take place in a cramped sitting room. No food, no drinks, no DJ etc. What did they use the funds for? I don’t know. I asked questions and no answers given. To be fair to her family members, I didn’t give money directly to her parents or siblings. I gave the funds to my wife to be.Surprisingly on the day of the small wedding, her uncle was accusing me of not providing money to organize the wedding properly. My heart sank. I look in the direction of my wife to be and couldn’t believe what just came out of her uncle’s mouth. Whereas I provided money for everything. The wedding prayers went ahead and we were joined together.

After the dry wedding ceremony I began to ask questions but my new wife couldn’t give me explanation. Fast forward to last week I was looking for money I kept in my drawer and couldn’t find it. I decided to just keep quiet and watch. I set another trap. I had some US Dollars in my wallet and exposed the money for her to see. I went to the shower and lo and behold my new wife removed the dollars from my wallet. I got dressed after shower and we went outside to go somewhere together as my driver was in the car waiting. As we were going, I opened my wallet and saw the dollars gone. I blew a whistle right there and she denied it. I asked driver to return home. I had my parent and siblings at home on that day but I can bet my life on them. I told them what’s going on. My new wife was all over the place and shaken. I refused to talk to her. I confided in my mother and explained how I set the trap for my wife. Surprisingly my wife started making moves. She planted the money all over the place which I saw as she was doing. I pretended I didn’t see her. I refused to talk to her. All of a sudden she confronted me and attacked me that I suspected her to be the one who stole my money. She started saying she stoop so low to allow herself to be ridiculed in the presence of my family. I confronted her with evidence and she began crying and blaming devil. She has done series of money infractions that I couldn’t list here. She fights me for money on daily basis since we got married. No money ever enough.

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This is a woman that I gave a car to already and spent so much on to be comfortable. I just bought her another car to be given to her on her birthday. On the day she stole the dollars I had just given her 100,000 naira pocket money for the week. She’s been crying and begging for two days saying it won’t happen again. She has refused to eat.

Here is the bombshell I just confirmed she’s now three weeks pregnant. I can’t trust my life with her at this juncture. I’m leaning towards divorce. I’m too scared to be with her. She’s too greedy.

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