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Iran: Britain reveals plan to leave Iraq as death toll from Soleimani’s burial reaches 56




The British government has said that its military would be pulled out if Iraq so demands.

Defence Minister, Ben Wallace, who stated this on Tuesday, said however, said that Britain would want to keep its troops.“We are … trying to get them to say that it’s in your best interest for us to remain,” Wallace told parliament.

“(But) we will respect Iraqi sovereignty. If they require us to leave, that is their right and we will respect it.” reported earlier that NATO is temporarily pulling some of its troops out of Iraq and moving others around within the country.

Iraq’s parliament on Sunday for US and other foreign troops to leave the country.

This following the killing of a top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani in a US drone strike at Baghdad airport.

Meanwhile, the death toll from a stampede that broke out at the funeral processions for Soleimani has reached 56, according to Iranian state TV.

Over 200 others are also said to have sustained various degrees of injuries as thousands thronged the procession.

The head of the country’s emergency services, Pirhossein Koolivand, told state television that “32 of our citizens lost their lives in the procession … and 190 were injured” due to “overcrowding”.