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Check Out 6 Places You Are Likely To Meet The Love Of Your Life



There are certain places where you can find the love of your life and start a relationship. These are some of those places.

Rihanna once said “We found love in a hopeless place” and she cannot be more right. I mean, you can find love while looking like the main character in a horror movie or when you look like a beautiful character from the movie Cinderella, however, the important thing is that you can find love anywhere and below are some places where you can find love:Banking Hall

Hey, darlings, stop dressing like you are one of your sisters’ maid, a cinderella story will not happen when you meet the handsome guy or beautiful lady. It is possible to meet the love of your life in a banking hall. They might be your knight in shining armour and if you see that man you like, do not be shy, start a conversation, it will not hurt. Instead of sharing a “help me find him/her” on twitter, make your move.

Social Media

Yes, respond to that D.M. Many people have found the love of their life on social media. From Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp groups. Not everyone is out to defraud you, some friendships are meant to grow into something better. Most often, we get engrossed with the work-life that we get too busy to go out, hence, social media is another platform where meeting people will be possible and easy.

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Religious settings

Whether in the church or mosque, anything is possible. Most often, there are camps, road trips, meetings and in all of these are possibilities of you meeting someone that tickles your fancy.

Do not slack when the time comes, make your move and hope for the best, what more, they could have had their eyes on you, might end up being a win-win situation.


Not every cat-calling issue becomes a bad case, some do end in a life-long relationship. Apart from those boys that are rude, some are quite the kind of men or women you can end up with, a life-long relationship. This does not mean you have to give every dick and harry a chance, just those you think are responsible enough to get that opportunity.


You can meet the love of your life in an academic environment. There are different stories of marriages that started in schools, try and give that person a chance, being in the same environment does not mean the relationship will not work, how do you even know what works if you did not give them the benefit of doubt.


Who could ever imagine it is possible to find love while you are showing love to your stomach. There is no reason to be uptight because you are eating. Have a friendly face, not that face that will chase everyone away or make you look unapproachable. You can find love in that canteen and that place you are eating.

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There are thousands of other places you can find love, do not close your heart to love, things that are meant to work will definitely work out.


Source: TheGuardian

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