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Bobrisky And James Brown Are Demons That Must Be Stopped – Controversial Pastor Blows Hot



Male barbie, Bobrisky has been described by a man of God as a demon that must be stopped.

A controversial man of God, Apostle Chris Omashola has attacked male barbie and cross-dresser, Bobrisky.

Omashola said people like Bobrisky and James Brown are agents of the darkness. He called them demons for promoting ‘gayism’.

According to the Apostle, people like Bobrisky must be stopped because they pose a threat to our societal moral values. He added that those supporting Bobrisky and James Brown will end up give birth to people like Bobrisky because they are cursed.

Sharing tweets on Twitter, he wrote:

“Bobrisky should be stopped from inspiring and recruiting more SEXUALITY IMBECILES, Like #JamesBrown and their likes. This demonic rage must stop, it’s not welcomed and will never be in this side of the world. Every sane Nigerian should lend their voice of support.

God said Those supporting and sponsoring #Bobrisky are cursed and will give birth to more #BOBRISKY’s in Jesus Name if they don’t repent. He is Evil and poses a huge threat to our collective societal moral values. He should be stop from inspiring more of his kind. #JesusIsLord”