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Trump: US lawmakers to start impeachment proceeding



US lawmakers in the House of Representatives are due to start debate on the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

The session will include a vote between Democrats and Republicans, Dpa reports.

In the event that Trump is ousted, it will be only the third time a US president has been impeached.

Democrats accuse the president of abusing his office by soliciting Ukraine to dig up dirt on his political rival, Joe Biden, and withholding military aid as pressure.

He is also alleged to have obstructed Congress’ investigation of the affair.

Republicans reject both articles of impeachment against the president, saying he did nothing wrong in his contacts with Ukraine.

Trump, however, accuses the Democrats of trying to reverse the 2016 election, which he won.

The House has the power to impeach with a simple majority, but the trial in the Senate will require a two-thirds majority to remove a president from office, making the prospect very unlikely.

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