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Most Searched Phones Vs Most Selling Phone Brands in Nigeria



As usual, Google has released its trending searches of 2019 and it carries lots of interesting information. The release tells us that the 2019 top trends search in Nigeria include “ASUU strike”, ” AFCON2019″,”Naira Marley” and “Women World Cup 2019” but the interesting thing here are the phones that Nigerians searched for the most.Based on the trends released by Google, here are the list of most searched phones in Nigeria in 2019;
1) iPhone 11
2) Samsung Note
3) Samsung S10
4) iPhone XS
5) iPhone 8
6) Samsung S7
7) Samsung S8
8.) iPhone 6s
9) iPhone XS Max
10) iPhone XR

We can see that 6 iPhone models and 4 Samsung models make the list and they are all premium smartphones that cost hundreds of thousands of naira, so does it mean Nigerians are buying these models the most? Take a chill pill and see the most selling phone brands in Nigeria in the year 2019 in their order ;

1) TECNO Mobile
2) Samsung Mobile
3) Itel Mobile
4) Infinix Mobility
5) Huawei Mobile

As a matter of fact, Apple iPhones have very minimal market share in the country, the affordable and cheap end of the market is where you find phones that sell the most. Samsung is in second place in the list of top selling brands in the country and its not their high end phones that make that happen, a lot of the sales happen at the middles and lower stage of the market.

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So haven seen this, one could ask why the most searched for phones aren’t the most bought phones, the answer is simple, it could be due to the fact that the most searched phones are the most aspirational items, all over the world people window shop for items they can’t afford, and Nigerians are very aspirational people, wanting bigger, better things that they can’t afford. On a second note, Nigeria is a country where over 80% of the people live in poverty, it is only logical to assume that those searches where carried out by the more well-to-do segment of the population, especially those in urban areas and have access to internet. Such people are those that search for these high end devices and hence they make it to the top searches of the year.

Top Aspirational Brands in Nigeria
While Smartphone brands like TECNO, Itel and Infinix are the top selling brands in the Nigerian market, the brands with the most aspirational value are iPhone and Samsung and people want to see what they have to offer, and probably see how they can afford them.