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Actor Segun Arinze Reportedly Brutalizes His Houseboy (Video)



Popular Nigerian actor, Segun Arinze has been restricted by people from dealing severely with his houseboy over an incident.

Veteran actor, Segun Arinze has been caught on tape chasing his ‘househelp’ and beating him up for allegedly using his car and removing the bulglary proof in his home.

The story shared by a Twitter user, @CloakedAdonis has it that the boy was spotted rolling on the floor with bruises, crying as Segun Arinze who was reportedly ready to kill him, kept shouting on top of his voice, saying that the boy removed his bulglary proof and used his car without informing him.

In the viral video, furious Segun Arinze could be seen ranting angrily on the street, trying to attack the boy again, as neighbours restrained him.

Watch the video below: