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Names of Worst Companies To Work For In Nigeria And Why



Here is a list of companies in Nigeria you should never think of working for unless you are just desperate for job or experience. has taken out time to get opinions from staff and ex-staff of some of these companies


Call Center Contractors for MTN.

Your destiny will hate you for allowing it pass through that journey.

According to some current and formal staff

their pay is nothing to write home about. worst to work. always salary issue, bad atmosphere to work and bad hr team.if join there waste of our time. mental torchering and issue in salary always.never think about full salary at there

Another ex staff wrote

in fact you will regret going to school. The coy nah die

SUMAL in Ibadan

If you know you know

SUMAL Mean……. Serve Under Me As a Labourer

SUMAL WORSE NO B Small that place is shithole bro , even as they make billions workers are highly underpaid . bad safety measures, poor working condition and over stretched working hours . wtf I had to run after 3 days or so

Their welfare package and working condition isn’t really encouraging. sincerely I cnt advice my enemy to work there

Another responded

So true…. I ran for my dear future career


my first job as a marketer in afribank, I ran and left my salaries with them when they told me I was d one owing them cuz I couldn’t meet my target ,I wept for almost 3 months

Skybank (DSA)

They pay 40k.but you will be treated as if it was not God that created you. As a bsc holder or masters holder, staffs who are tellers with ond will earn more than you. You will not be promoted at all. I have friends who have been doing it for the past 6 years. They have been bringing in money but no promotion.In short, apart from being a full staff in a bank, any other thing is shit


It is open secret that AIT and Raypower staff members are always owed months of salaries.I have known this for over a year now. I think some former staff members were even complaining about it

Another reader wrote this on behalf of the brother

AIT, seconded by non, my brother after working for a year and 1 Month…. Was owed 9months salary and resigned two years ago and hasn’t been paid till date. 

Guinness Nigeria plc

Go to Guinness Benin plant and find out how much they pay workers, 25k for factory workers, 50 to 60k for graduates. No hope of promotion. No extra allowances, no healthcare. You work shift from 6 to 6 24/7, 365.Factory workers are on daily pay, if you do not come to work for any reason including illness, you will not be paid. They are regularly sacked and replaced. Each office cleaner is assigned at least 20 offices.

Almost 90% of staff are on contract.Guinness Nigeria is rubbish.

Bridge International Academies

American philanthropists to help offer cheap and quality education yet they pay18k salary with fake pension scheme and u work from 7:10 to 5:20pm. As a teacher u r not allowed to take extra lessons, nor collect gifts from parents. When my academy protested against low staff welfare and refused to teach, we were fined, warned and salary deducted. Yet those who run this academies in Nigeria are young ladies who earn crazy salaries who if I see on the street I can’t call ‘Aunty’… we live in a failed system. I have had crazy experiences but I can’t say them all.

Dangote cement

My Dear Brethern in the house,This serves as a signal to those that may want to leave their present job for any of the Dangote Group of Companies. If you have a place where you still manage and get your salary, DO NOT GO TO DANGOTE. You may or will regret it.I am talking from Personal Experience, my brother and his colleagues left a rival company for Dangote with a promise of better pay and conditions, were all sacked in a day! after spending close to 1 year in Dangote, , Including a Director. I have heard before that Dangote do such, but now it’s confirmed. It happened to my close brother.Please be careful before you resign from that Job.Happy job search


thunder fire the CEO No be small thunder o! angryMost Nigerians are just plain heartless whalahi.. I wanted to run a package there, when I was told how demeaning they treat their staffs, oh boy! I ran 440! they also work from Monday-Sunday.

Summary by a concern Nigerian below….

Nigerian youths have been victimised to become cowards to even speak up anonymously, gosh, no hope for Nigeria angry angry

Let me help you guys:

1.) Any private owned school in Nigeria that is not owned by Europeans or Americans, don’t work!

Most Nigerian private schools pay their staff between 15,000 – 45,000 per month as salary, isn’t this suicidal angry

2.) Any private hospital in Nigeria is a hell to work!

Private hospitals in Nigeria pay nurses between 30,000 – 50,000 and doctors between 75,000 – 150,000 depending on how big the hospital is, don’t envy their staff cry

3.) Any Call center job is a hell!

4.) Any bank contract job is slavery!

5.) Any Nigerian fast food reatuarant or eatery or hotel job is slavery, don’t expect good salary or welfare!

6.) PHCN under the new private owners now is a hell. I repeat NEPA work don cast!

Anybody that tells u he or she works with Nepa now, pls pity him or her unless he or she is a manager or those people that go about disconnecting lights because they make money by stealing and crooks.You see Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company If they offer u a job, get a lawyer and sue them for 10billion for attempting to enslave u angry angry

7.) Jumia, konga, Payporte, etc, in fact all online store companies in Nigeria are a waste of time. They don’t pay their staff. They pay only the key managers

8.) All transport companies in Nigeria; name anyone u know, pls be prepared to die young working for peanut unless u know how to steal smartly to makeup your useless monthly salary that can’t rent u a house angry

9.) Any Nigerian owned factory, Indian or Lebanese owned factory or company, run for your life because u are going in for another slavery! angry

10.) Dangote companies; forget the name Dangote, all his staff members who are not managers are suffering, except those that steal in one way or the other.Dangote job is another form of slavery! Run if any Dangote company offer u job, run, run and never look back until u disappear! angryIn fact, the only good jobs in Nigeria are federal government jobs, international oil company and oil servicing jobs, international shipping company jobs, some few bank jobs, government parastatals and NGOs (the best jobs), international aviation and airline company jobs, others are crap, most of their staff survive by stealing the company angry

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