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Pastor Thaddeus Reveals The Identity Of The Lady In Pastor Wilson’s Leaked Viral Video



“There’s Nothing Wrong In A Pastor Licking His Female Church Member’s Va&ina” – American Pastor Thaddeus Mathews Defends Viral Video Of His Married Colleague Pastor David E Wilson Giving His Wife’s Bestfriend’s Daughter Head

Yesterday, a video of married Texas Pastor David E Wilson giving one of his female church members head went viral. But many were not sure of who the lady receiving the head was.

Pastor Thaddeus Mathews reveals in new video that the lady in the viral video is the daughter of Pastor Wilson’s wife’s Bestfriend.Pastor David Wilson has since disconnected his Phone numbers and gone Ghost on social Media. All attempts by journalists to get his own side of the story has failed.

Pastor Thaddeus Mathews defends Pastor Wilson saying that there is nothing to be ashamed about a married Pastor giving head.

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