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Be Careful With Your Secrets!



As we live our daily lives, we encounter people, things, difficulties, ideas and sometimes we take actions with respect to them. Some of these actions we are proud of, others we are not. The good ones form part of beautiful memories and we use them to sell ourself good to others while the bad ones we lock away as bad memories and they inevitably form part of our secrets.

Secrets are like viruses we carry along as we live not wanting anyone to discover it. Good news is, everyone has it, bad news is, some are more deadlier or weightier than the other. At one point or the other in our lives, we have all done something we are not so proud of and depending on how we are living our lives now and our current status in life, we may never want any of our past to come out in the open, these forms a major part of our weakness.

Sometimes we get very close and comfortable with someone, so close that we sometimes begin to have the urge to share our secrets and weaknesses with them. This is a normal human thing and it is especially important if the person is someone we intend to spend the rest of our lives with. Sometimes we tell a very close friend or relative, just to get it of our chest or as part of a confidential, deep and mutual conversation.

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What ever the person or reason behind the urge may be, please do make sure you can vouch for that person and you trust them with your life before you divulge that deep weakness of yours to them. This is especially important if you are a new person around, have worked and built a new image for yourself over time or you are occupying a very important and sensitive position in life or the society.

Be very selfish with your secrets no matter the urge or person involved, be careful of who you share them with some people may be pretending around you and waiting to use them against you. In the case of a relationship, it is tricky because they deserve to know especially an intending life partner but do not bare yourself too early, don’t be tempted to open up too quick, things may be going well at present, tomorrow it may turn bad. Wait till you are very sure things have taken an irreversible good shape.

Your weaknesses and secrets can make or mar you, depending on who wields them. Becareful how you let them out and who you tell, not everyone around you or in your life right now will be there tomorrow, take heed!

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