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Actress, Beverly Osu ‘Reveals’ The Percentage Of Women Who Fake Orgasm During S*x



Nigerian actress, Beverly Osu has talked about the manner in which so many women now fake orgasm during s*x.

Actress and model, Beverly Osu has a message for her fellow women about s*x, reports.According to Osu, she is totally against women faking orgasm just to please their men.

She said: “Don’t fake it till you make it. Women have faked orgasm for so long and it’s time we talk about pleasure for two. 99% of women have faked and still faking orgasm. To be honest, I’m doing it too and it is not nice. I think we should start telling our partners how to explore our bodies to achieve maximum sexual satisfaction.

“Tell him what you want, how you want it and the dos and don’ts. It is our body, we can use it to achieve what we want. So, I don’t see reasons why women should pretend about orgasm. Stop acting it, you can have it. Men should also learn how to understand their woman’s body and sexual needs. Sex should not be enjoyed by men and endured by women.”

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