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Mbappe now bigger than Neymar at PSG – Former Chelsea star claims



Former Chelsea star, Craig Burley has warned Paris Saint-Germain forward, Neymar that he is no longer the biggest star at the Parc des Princes after his transfer move to Barcelona failed.

According to Burley, Neymar’s teammate, Kylian Mbappe is now the biggest star at the club, adding that the Brazilian has lost the support of PSG fans.
The 47-year-old said this after Neymar was reportedly sad about PSG’s decision to block his move back to Barcelona on Tuesday.

Speaking on ESPN FC, Burley said: “Neymar is arguably not the star in town anymore anyway, because Kylian Mbappe is.

“So not only has he lost the support of the fan base, he will lose the support of the dressing room.

“Once you get a good player back in, you say to them ‘come on, get your head down and help us out’.

“But he’s not really the big star anymore, he’s been superseded by this young brilliant French guy while he’s been off doing all the nonsense.

“I have absolutely no sympathy for him whatsoever. He’s brought this all on himself.

“He can get back there and he can man up. Man up to that football club who have paid 220-odd million for him to do a job.

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“We can all go on about French football, and how PSG win the title every year, but he chose to go to French football, he chose that route to go to Paris with the money to be the big I’am.

“He chose this road, he’s made his bed, he can lay on it. He can get back there and do his job.

“He’s done nothing but treat the French fans, the French league, as some little gameshow that he’s going to be part of until he gets this big move, and he hasn’t got it.”