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Top Tips on Getting the Right Guy the Second Time Around



Dating is no easy task. As a woman, you may find that you have been dating the wrong type of men. Maybe you are recovering from a failed marriage. Perhaps you just feel that you want to get into a relationship with a more focused guy with whom you can settle down with in marriage or a more fulfilling relationship. Despite your previous heartbreaks or dashed hopes, you can still give love a chance and cannot give up on it altogether.

Here are some tips on how you can find the right guy the second time around:

Examine what you did wrong in your past relationships

This is a critical step that you should take no matter how painful your past experiences may have been. Spare some time to analyze your past relationship and identify what went wrong. What is it that ruined it and what can you do to avert a repeat of the same thing? You may also consider what the other party did that led to the breakup and if you could have helped to prevent it from happening.

Look for more than a boyfriend

Here is the thing: if you are looking for someone just to have a boyfriend, then your approach is all wrong. So many guys can become your boyfriend, but only a few can capture your heart. You should ensure that you do not date any man just so you have a boyfriend, but endeavour to find a person with whom your heart interlocks.

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Get out of your comfort zone

Though you are used to certain places and activities, it is time you got flexible and went out of your comfort zone since you are not sure where your next partner or match will come from. You need to be open to attend events for singles, try new restaurants, and join divorcee’s groups on Facebook or elsewhere. You also need to put up a profile and upload one of your greatest photos on a dating website like Happymatches.

You also need to establish as many connections as possible. Be open to interacting with your ex-partner’s friends. Do not assume that because you were not compatible with him, you cannot get along with his friends. Be friendly and let the guys that you date see the real you, and even when a date goes wrong, let both of you walk away without feeling dejected.

Make friends first

The secret to increasing your chances of meeting your perfect match is to make as many friends as possible, both men and women. You also get tons of people to fall back upon in case anything goes wrong. Friendships are the foundations of all great relationships, so instead of looking for a partner or for someone to bond with immediately, build friendships first and you could find your partner was around you all along. You should lay a foundation by making friends, then get to know people well, and eventually consider taking things to the next level.

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Finding the right man the second time around is not an unachievable thing, but it calls for a careful approach. You need to identify what you could have done to break up the previous relationship and get out of your comfort zone to increase your chances of meeting a potential guy. Make as many friends as possible and get to know people well before moving to the next level. You also need to be patient and not rush things or set deadlines for yourself, for example saying that by a certain time, you and that guy will be at a specific stage

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