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Lesbian Couple Share Photos On Twitter After Successful Wedding




A lesbian couple have caused a stir after sharing their wedding photos on Twitter.

A lesbian couple have trended on Twitter after sharing photos and video of their wedding.

The two who walked down the aisle left mixed reactions with many condemning and others congratulating them.

A Twitter user went to the extent of calling the couple unfortunate beings who wouldn’t have existed if a woman had not come together with a man to conceive and give birth to them.

The couple

The man wrote: “They’re both unfortunate beings. Cause they wouldn’t have been in existence if their mothers were lesbians.”

He was immediately being bashed by other people on the platform who marveled at his ignorance.

“You do know that artificial insemination has been around since the late 1700’s. And that adoption is also a thing. You can’t be this ignorant and homophobic. Mind the business that pays you.” a lady wrote.

See video below: