Twitter VAR: Man Loses Business Opportunity For Trying To Body Shame A Lady

A Nigerian man and website designer identified as @CuteRizey lost a business opportunity and is currently under fire on Twitter in a body shame gone wrong.

The lady identified as Bibi took to her Twitter page to share pictures of herself but @CuteRizey after spotting the freckles on her body which he thought was eczema decided to do a ‘Twitter VAR’ on it.

@CuteRizey has received a lot of backlash from social media users after his body shaming tactics gone wrong.

A man and a travel agent who according to him was about sending @CuteRizey a direct message for business decided against it after sighting his (@CuteRizey) tweet trying to body shame the lady.

The travel agent said; “I was actually gonna dm you for a business purpose…you just ruined it with your low sense of reasoning. Your loss”

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