Ladies Who Bleach, Enhance Their Bum And Boobs Won’t Last In Marriage – Counselor Charlotte Oduro

Women who spend time and money enhancing their body parts have been given a sound warning by a relationship counselor.

Counselor Charlotte Oduro in her counseling session, warned that women who bleach, enhance their ass and boobs won’t last in any marriage.

According to the Ghanaian relationship counselor, such acts come off as having low self-esteem.

She also advised women to let go of men who won’t accept them the way they are, but will want them to enhance their beauty with “products”.

“I am surprised they don’t believe in themselves…I am surprised people cannot be proud of themselves. That is why they go for injections for breast and for back because they want to get shape. Any man that goes for a woman who has gone for injections for breast and back five years to come that thing will reduce.

“It is not you so if the man does not want you as you are you let him go. We should not add things to ourselves just because the man want it. I want you to bleach, I want you to be fair but when you saw me I wasn’t fair and now you want me to be fair…go and get fair ladies and leave me alone”, she advised.

The controversial relationship counselor was called out weeks ago by Nigerian singer, Simi, over her comment on how women should handle cheating husbands.

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