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Floyd Mayweather gets kayoed by wicked crossover by Bone Collector (Video)



FLOYD Mayweather takes pride in the fact that he has never been knocked out, much less beaten, in his career.

Well, on this occasion, the brash American fighter can’t deny he was DROPPED, and dropped bad. He wasn’t exactly hurt, but his pride was definitely bruised by a wicked crossover by The Bone Collector.

At the Monster Energy 50K Charity Challenge at the UCLA Pavillon in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Mayweather made the mistake of trying to guard Larry ‘Bone Collector’ Williams, who got his nickname from all the ankles he broke with his nasty moves.
It didn’t end well.

Mayweather, a big basketball fan like his rival Manny Pacquiao, fell completely for the Bone Collector’s crossover that he ended up on his behind as the streetball legend stepped back and – to complete the humiliation – swished the three.


Well, this shouldn’t count as a knockdown for the unbeaten Mayweather. But there’s no doubt his ego needs a little massaging.