Woman packs bed, couch, toilet roll, after boyfriend cheats on her twice

A woman has reportedly stripped bare the home of her ex – boyfriend , after discovering that he had cheated on her twice during their four- year relationship.
According to Daily Mail, Danny White , 23 , who is being accused of cheating , said he returned home from work to find his home stripped bare .

He revealed that his ex – girlfriend took most of the furniture and even toilet roll .
White said he was paying rent on the property while his girlfriend , who is a student , supplied most of the furniture .He said , “ Me paying that [rent ], is like me paying half towards all the furniture .
“ I didn ’ t get that in writing, I should have done but obviously when you ’ re all loved up that ’ s the last thing you think of is to get evidence . ”

White said he met his former partner while in secondary school and he asked her to marry him in June 2015 . He posted his reaction to the situation on Snapchat , where he said he was ‘ proper devastated’ .
The angry girlfriend , however , didn ’ t take his television , satellite box , a PS 4 and their adopted stray cat , Minnie .

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