SARS : Presidential Panel recommends dismissal of 37 policemen

The Presidential Presidential Panel on SARS Reform has recommended the dismissal of 37 policemen accused violating the rights of Nigerians .

The panel , which was headed by the Executive Secretary , National Human Rights Commission , Anthony Ojukwu , has just submitted it ’ s report to President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja.
In all the Presidential Panel received 113 complaints across Nigeria , investigated them and arrived at the conclusions and recommendations.

Ojukwu said , “ At the end of its public hearing and having listened to complaints as well as defendants and their counsel , the Panel recommended thirty – seven ( 37 ) Police officers for dismissal from the force . Twenty four ( 24 ) were recommended for prosecution .

“ The panel also directed the Inspector General of Police to unravel the identity of twenty- two ( 22 ) officers involved in the violation of the human rights of innocent Citizens .

“ The police were directed to pay compensation of various sums in forty —five ( 45 ) complaints and tender public apologies in five ( 5 ) complaints and directed to obey court orders in five ( 5 ) matters .

“ The police were directed to immediately arrest and prosecute two ( 2 ) retired senior Police officers found to have violated the rights of citizens ( one for extra – judicial killing and the other for the illegal takeover of Property of a suspect) . The Panel also recovered two vehicles illegally auctioned by SARS Officers and returned them to their owners . ”

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