Regina Daniels Brother, Lawrence Handcuffed And Arrested By Police Again (Video)

The family of the Daniels have been in the news for reasons surrounding romance and minor crimes in recent times.

Lawrence, the elder brother of actress, Regina Daniels appears to be a regular customer of the officials of the Nigeria Police Force.

He was this afternoon arrested in Delta State by security operatives who wasted no time in restraining him with handcuffs.


ccording the mother, Rita Daniels who waded into the meelee, this is the fourth time Lawrence would be arrested this year. She vehemently protested the arrest of her boy.
The nature of the offence remains unknown. His sister Regina who is rumoured to be between the ages of 17 and 22 is married to a 59 year old billionaire, Ned Nwoko and the elderly man appears to be bankrolling the affairs of her family.

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