Miyetti Allah debunks rumoured attack on South East

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria has said it has a cordial relationship with the governments and people of the South East Zone of Abia , Anambra, Ebonyi , Enugu and Imo States .
AIh. Gidado Sidikki , Chairman of the Cattle Breeders in the zone , made the disclosure in Awka on Tuesday while reacting to a publication on a social media platform entitled , ‘ South East Will Boil any Moment from now Because of their Stubbornness . ’
Sidikki , in a statement , condemned the publication alleging looming crisis between his Miyetti Allah members and the people of the South East geopolitical zone .

He said , “ A few days ago, we woke up to a malicious publication on a social media platform, purporting a phantom statement in Abuja entitled “ South East Will Boil any Moment from now Because of their Stubbornness ” ascribed to the leadership of MACBAN and erroneously assigned to me.

“ It is my wish to inform the public that MACBAN did not make any statement to the effect of the content of the publication either in Abuja or anywhere for that matter .
“ I humbly will wish to correctly place my designation as the Chairman of South East Zone of the Association and not ‘ the leader of cattle breeders in Nigeria’ as I was addressed in the primary falsehood the publication sought to disseminate.
“ It is , therefore , my intention, while dispelling the published rumour as from the pit of malicious mischief , to share my upbeat spirit with all of us that the sincere and committed understanding we all propagate today will yield us minimal rancour if not rancour – free society tomorrow, ” he said .

Sidikki , also pledged the continued commitment and cooperation of MACBAN towards strengthening the cordial relationship and peace with the people of the South East .
He added , “ I wish to put it on record that the South East Zone of MACBAN and her cattle herder members whom I serve as the Zonal Chairman enjoy a warm relationship with the governors , governments , and people of South East Nigeria.

“ I wish to state that this warmth has not been completely devoid of flashes of momentary conflicts at few locations . Such instances were, however , promptly addressed by the authorities and warm communality restored amongst the people .
“ Given the increasing orientation and reorientation of our people and the locals , who are our landlords here , and given the strong commitment of the state governors to peaceful relationship across the board , there is no doubt that the relationship between us can only be increasingly better .

“ I wish to thank the governors of the South East States of Abia , Anambra, Ebonyi , Enugu and Imo for their wonderful sense of accommodation , as I pledge our continued efforts towards the greater harmonious environment for thriving economic activities and a better life , ” he said .
( NAN)

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