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I have seven years before getting married – BBNaija Khloe



Big Brother Nigeria alumnus , Khloe , has said she doesn ’ t see anything wrong in being a single mother . In a chat with
Sunday Scoop, she said , “ I’ m not looking forward to having kids anytime soon. I still have about seven years before I settle down. Everything has to be in order . I don’ t want to bring kids into the world and make them suffer . I want to be a good mother . My career is right in front of me and it needs my attention . However , God’ s time is the best . I could have a kid next year ; you never can tell .

“ I wouldn ’ t blame women who have opted to become single mothers and it ’ s something I can do , so far I have peace and happiness . People don’ t understand that marriage is not the ultimate in life. Some people are married but they are dying inside . A family doesn ’ t necessarily have to consist of a father , mother and children ; it could just be a mother and her kids. ”

Refusing to comment on her recent spat with an Uber driver whom she had accused of being rude to her , Khloe said , “ Whenever I do positive things, nobody says anything. But if it ’ s something negative , it goes viral . It makes me feel bad that people cannot just appreciate something good . Nobody called me when I launched my charity , and nobody commends me when I look good in pictures . But people would rush to call me when something is bad and I don’ t feel comfortable with that . I don’ t want any negative vibes . Other people might want to milk negative publicity to trend but I am not interested in that . ”

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The former BBN contestant also explained why she started a charity for children . “ It is something I had been doing before ; I just decided to make it official now . So far , I have been doing everything from my own pocket. I just love to make kids happy and help less privileged children enjoy what their parents cannot provide for them , ” she said .

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