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Easter bombing: Monk’s fast forces two govs to resign in Sri Lanka



A hunger – fast by a Buddhist monk and Member of Parliament in Sri Lanka has forced the resignation of two governors .
The two governors were condemned for their support for the extremist groups responsible for the Easter Sunday bombings, officials said on Monday.

Ven Athuraliye Rathana was into the fourth day of his fast in Kandy when a message from President Maithripala Sirisena was conveyed to him about the resignations , prompting the end of his protest .
“ The monk was dehydrated and his condition was deteriorating. He has been removed to hospital , ’’ a spokesman for the monk said .Business activities in several parts of the country came to a standstill on Monday as shops and companies closed down in support of the campaign of the monk .
Azath Salley, the governor for the Western Province which includes the capital Colombo , and Eastern province governor M . L . A . M .

Hisbullah tendered their resignations but has denied allegations of their support for extremists.

Islamist extremist groups with international links have been condemned for the Easter Sunday bombings in three churches , three luxury hotels and two other locations which killed 258 people .
( dpa/ NAN)