Meet Onye Eze Money, The Owner Of The House Blessing Okoro Claimed Was Hers

The man behind the house claimed by blogger, Blessing Okoro has been revealed as an Igbo businessman.

Nigerian businessman, Onye Eze Money, has now been confirmed as the real owner of the house, blogger Okoro Blessing lied belonged to her.

Recall that the blogger had insisted even in the face of evidence that the house belonged to her. Onye Eze from Enugu state is said to be an international business man based in China.
Onye Eze is behind the arrest of Okoro who had decieved many people on social media with lies that she built the house from scratch.
Recall that Okoro Blessing in an audio admitted to faking the house, and she planned on waiting for a while for the whole saga to die down, before she builds a replica of the house so as to launder her own image online.

It was gathered that Onye Eze got angry after Okoro had begged him following the social media fiasco, only for her to go on Instagram live to insist that she owns the house.

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