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Buhari under fire over comments on IG of Police [VIDEO]



President Muhammadu Buhari’s comments about the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, following his arrival from his 10-day private visit to the United Kingdom, is attracting a lot of negative reactions.

Buhari was asked about security challenges across Nigeria and if there would be a different approach in tackling the issues.“I have just seen the IG, I think he’s losing weight, so I think he is working very hard,” the president replied.

His response has drawn criticisms across Twitter, especially with the increase in kidnapping, robbery and insurgency in several parts of the country.

Here are some of the tweets DAILY POST was able to curate:

@Amynullah1: He’s not supposed to joke on such a serious issue. Why naw, Baba why?

@ugwuvictor18: Please how does losing weight got to do with the increase in Kidnapping and killing in the country today..I think we are in more trouble.. God have Mercy ..

@gempluz: This is what y’all voted. The joke is on you…I mean you.

@TangbanFavour: No sensitivity of any form. You’re cracking jokes concerning the security situation in the country. So much for being president.

@Pweitydebi: It’s going to be a very looooooooong 4 years .

@hannesambo: It’s like we are a joke to this President.

@Elda03188530: The killings have become a source of comedy to Mr President.

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@boywene: Nigerians… Behold your Commander in Chief. The number one citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria. Nigeria will receive sense.

@Bariga2Dworld: So once you are losing weight now (even if it’s in a gym) it means you are working very hard on national security matters while insecurity persists.

@kelvinekerete: Nigeria is doomed!! God!!! What did we do to deserve this?

@Malan_D5: This is Embarrassing. Haba Baba, we need to take things more seriously, nobody cares if the IG is losing weight🤦‍♂️

@Adolfbaba: Don’t be surprised to see all the Ministers losing weight…

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