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US town elects goat as ‘mayor’




In a divided America where politics seems increasingly to get people ’ s goat , a small town in Vermont has taken the concept to heart — this week electing one as mayor .He may be a political novice but the goat ’ s name , Lincoln , brings with it a storied pedigree.

And the leading human official in Fair Haven — population about 2 , 500 — hopes the long – eared , three – year – old animal ’ s election can serve as a bit of a lesson in democracy .

In Tuesday’ s poll , Lincoln was victorious over 15 other candidates including Crystal the gerbil and many dogs and cats .

Fair Haven has no official mayor but the Town Manager , Joseph Gunter , holds similar functions .

When Gunter read in a newspaper that the village of Omena , Michigan , had made Sweet Tart the cat its “ top ” official , he got the idea to organize a similar election to raise funds for building a playground.

Lincoln ’ s 13 votes were enough for him to squeak past Sammie the dog .

The goat , which belongs to a school math teacher, will get an education in the town ’ s major festivals which it will represent during its one – year mandate : “ Memorial Day parade , the Apple Fest and the events we organize every Friday in the summer, ” Gunter says .

Although the playground fundraising effort only generated about $ 100, at five dollars per candidate, Gunter isn ’ t bleating because he says the animal election was also “ a good way to get the kids involved in local government . ”

With 53 votes cast the turnout was low, Gunter admits , “ but it was the first time , we expect it to be better next year . ”

That happens to be the year that US voters will also elect a human president , in a contest expected to shake out like a barnyard brawl .

( AFP)